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Simple and Effective Website Design that Focuses and Engages Your Customers.


Designing and Building Professional Websites in Wellington

With each website build, we ensure that it is meaningful to your targeted ideal audience and that it performs at its best. We pay attention to every detail in our research and when building your website design.

Step 1: We take the time to understand your business

We engage with you and speak to key stakeholders in your business to understand exactly what your business needs to achieve online.

Step 2: Market research

At Clicks4business we dive deep into your industry to understand what your competitors are doing, and to establish what is working and what is not. We gain a full understanding of your specific niche and integrate this with Google SEO principles.

Step 3: Website build

Next, a site structure and build plan will be presented to you. You will receive a clean and optimised site build. And we will maintain ongoing communication with you to ensure that you receive the website build that you want.

Step 4: Ready to launch

Your site will now be ready to be launched. This will be done with optimum security and tracking to keep it at peak performance and running seamlessly. We thoroughly test the functionality of your website across all devices to ensure a smooth experience for your end user.

Professional Website Designs for Business Leads in Wellington NZ

  • Your business’ visibility on the internet is paramount in a digital world
  • A well-designed professional website will generate leads and grow your business

  • At we are driven by excellence in building professional websites

  • We build WordPress sites that are search engine optimized (SEO)

In today’s digital world your business’ presence and visibility on the internet is of paramount importance to generate more leads and grow your business.

Your professional website needs to be easily discovered by your target audience. It needs to provoke their interest and hold their attention while informing them of your product or service in an engaging and very efficient manner.

Our business at Clicks4business is to assist you in building quality website designs the achieve your business end goal.

Based in Wellington, we design and build the best WordPress websites for businesses across New Zealand and beyond. Professional websites delivering business leads that will grow your business.

The Value of a Lead Generating Website in New Zealand

A lead generating website gathers information about visitors to your website, understands who your ideal clients are and what is required for them to find the right product or service. A solution is then tailored to provide them with more information or will encourage them to contact your business.

The primary objective of your business website should be to provide a satisfying experience that helps visitors find the information they are looking for.

A good website serves to educate your visitors about your product or service while at the same time allowing visitors to provide information to your sales team.

For maximum utilisation of lead generation, it’s important that, before building a website, you need to define your target or ideal audience clearly and correctly, as well as their anticipated needs and expectations. The rest of your website will be built upon that.

Website Design Wellington New Zealand

The Right Partner for Your Website Design in Wellington

Web Design Wellington New Zealand

When it comes to quality web design, you want to partner with someone who knows all it takes to have your website performing at its best.

This includes getting clients to your website through Google ads initially while waiting 6-12 months to see the first results from SEO.

It is therefore important to understand that web design is not only about aesthetics and informative text, it’s an asset of your business that speaks to your ideal audience -> functions well -> answers their concerns and requirements -> and converts leads into paying customers.

Ease of access and navigation, providing information, and allowing for interactive use are key elements.

Online Excellence is Paramount in Today’s Digital World

Your online presence becomes your business image. It says everything about you, your business philosophy, your product or your service. It therefore makes good business sense to engage a web design company that can provide you with a professionally designed business website that ticks all the important boxes and brings you more customers.


It all hinges on being discovered by your ideal customer and holding their attention long enough to translate into keyboard clicks that in turn translate into business leads.

Clicks4business is a Web Design Company Near Me Wellington

Grow Your Business with a Professional Website in Wellington

A great web design is a sound investment, even the most important one you may make. It will work for you 24/7, even when you are sleeping or on holiday. And it will cater for the needs of your old, established clients as well as the aspirations and hopes of your new ones.

At Clicks4business we design quality websites that are functional and easy to navigate. The results are seen in the growth of our clients’ businesses over time.

We take the time and make the effort to understand your business, where you want to take it, and the aspirations you have for it. We make every effort to understand your industry and know your competitors. Then, armed with all this information, we design a unique and tailored business website solution for you that will meaningfully engage with your ideal audience.

The fact that you are here reading this suggests you might be considering either designing a new website or redesigning your current one. We invite you to contact us so we can discuss your needs and requirements further, without any obligation.

Critical to Understand the Digital Environment in New Zealand

It takes 5 seconds or less to make a first impression online. We therefore design websites that immediately connect with your online audience in a concise manner that shows the visitor how your business can cater to their needs or solve their problems.

In New Zealand, 92% of users are accessing websites via a mobile device. If within 5 seconds your site is not delivering what they need, the potential client will leave, and the opportunity will be gone. A mobile responsive website will allow you to capture the mobile users’ market. It is our job here at Clicks4business in Wellington is to ensure that your business website is fully responsive across all devices.

We will make it easy for your clients to do business with you.

All our websites are purposefully designed and built with Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) in mind. If you’re ready to establish or grow your SEO results, our website builds will make this easy and effective.


Top Local Website Design Company Wellington New Zealand

Choosing Clicks4business to Build Your Professional Business Website

We are a Website Design Company in Wellington New Zealand

If you are still wondering why you should choose Clicks4business to design or redesign your web presence online, the answer is simple – as a web design company, we strive for excellence. We are driven by it.

We make it our business to know where your business currently is, and how we can help you get to the next level. We are here to help grow your business presence and maximise it for the best results.

We always seek to partner with our clients for the long term. When choosing a business partner to design your website, these are key questions you need to ask:

  • Has this web design agency taken the time to understand who my ideal audience is?

  • Will my ideal customer find what they are looking for and quickly?

  • Will my website turn visitors into paying clients?

At Clicks4business we will fully deliver on the above, and more.

Clicks4business is a Web Design Wellington New Zealand

The Benefits of a Custom Designed Website for Your Business

When you invest in a website build or rebuild with Clicks4business you are investing in a business asset. For maximum optimization of your asset, here are some of the benefits you will enjoy when partnering with Clicks4business:

  • Unique and professional website design

  • Fast websites that are clean and easy to use

  • Quality website designs in Wellington for the ultimate user experience

  • A website that is secure for you and your visitors

  • A website that brings together all the vital aspects of supply and demand

Quality Websites Using the Popular WordPress System

We design and create quality websites using WordPress, a highly regarded quality content management system (CMS). For optimal performance one needs to use a CMS that allows search engines to find and index your website. And that is what we and WordPress will do for you.

WordPress is the most popular CMS out there because it is flexible, secure, and easy to optimize. It will ensure that it is easy for your business to be found online.

When you partner with Clicks4business, you’re partnering with web developers who know exactly how to configure a WordPress website to offer your company a fast, secure, and optimized site that speaks to your ideal audience.