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Helping busineses in Wellington get found online


We Create Brands

We love seeing our clients businesses grow. We take care of your business like it is our own. We believe in building and having strong client relationships.


We help Businesses Grow

We take the time to understand your product and who your ideal clients are. We then tailor a solution to first allow you to grow and then ramp it up with taking market share.


We Get Results

We create an online presence for your business that is a force to be reckoned with. Great web design , strong SEO footprint and sprinkles of Google ads are some of the ingredients.

Your Digital Market Team

Welcome to Clicks4business, where we specialise in SEO Services (Search Engine Optimisation), customer centric website design, and lead generation in Wellington, New Zealand We also cater to businesses across Auckland, Christchurch and the rest of New Zealand.

We are a leading digital marketing agency in Wellington, providing expert SEO strategies, cutting-edge website design, and effective lead generation services to our valued clients. We have over 10+ years of experience working with big and small businesses in the online space where we have worked.

Our mission is to deliver the very best in digital marketing with a focus on enhancing your online presence through the latest SEO techniques, innovative website designs, and targeted lead generation strategies. We know that a strong online presence can significantly improve your business visibility, customer engagement, and overall success.

Our entire team is trained in the art of digital marketing, and your business growth is always our number one priority. We ensure a seamless and efficient process so that your online journey is smooth and successful. Remember, our expertise covers everything from on-page SEO to comprehensive lead generation campaigns – you won’t miss an opportunity!

We work with tradesmen and professionals who have a team of 3-5+ members and a revenue turnover of $800K-$1.2M. These businesses are looking to grow but are unsure how to take their operations to the next level. With our experienced digital marketing team, you can trust that you are in the best hands with the latest technologies and strategies to help not only maintain but also enhance your online presence, driving traffic and generating leads you can convert into loyal customers.

In addition to SEO and website design, we specialise in lead generation, helping you attract and convert potential customers through strategic marketing efforts – contact us for a consultation today!


What Our Clients Have to Say about Clicks4business

Helping Business Owners in Wellington Get Found Online

The Industries We Have Experience In

Health and Fitness

Need to promote your brand and sell your franchise worldwide? We helped a company grow from 20 franchises to over 2000.


Is your cost per lead too high? Book a call with us.


We can promote a country as a brand to the world.

Local Business

This is our soft spot. We love optimizing a website for leads. We love seeing local businesses grow.

Industrial Equipment

Need to promote your new product? With the right brand awareness we can get you there.

Education and Learning

Within a year the client increase their spend by 900% online.

Property Networks

We took 40% of our competitors market share in a year with clever strategy.


Cellular Networks

We had the pleasure of working with a cellular company and growing its market share by 30%

Meet our team

Teamwork makes the dream work.


Web Developer


Analytics and Tech


Strategy and CEO

Our Purpose. Our Passion.

We are driven by a desire to grow your business as much as possible which requires an excellent website that generates quality leads. We do this by:


Learn about your target customer, your niche, and your goals, in order to understand your business and your perfect customers


Research deeply to ensure we match your website to exactly what your customers are searching for online


Build a mobile responsive website, with quality content, great user experience, and white hat SEO practices


Continue to work with you to help your website grow in the search engines through quality content and on- and off-page SEO

The Power of a Professional Website

While building your own website is process that requires time, effort, and investment, the benefits you’ll reap will be worth it ten times over. Here are just a few reasons why choosing to craft a website will pay off big time:

Solidify Your Brand

These days, you aren’t a business worth taking seriously if you don’t exist on the web. More importantly, if you don’t have a quality website based on clean coding, a beautiful design, and SEO optimisation that’s easy to use with clear calls to action, you simply won’t get noticed. Make your brand stand out from its competitors with a stellar website you can be proud of.

Create An Online Presence

Most people these days search for services online. Your website is a vital step in ensuring your business gets a piece of the search volume pie.

Save Resources

Since your website is a 24/7 salesperson for your business, it will do a lot of the heavy lifting that used to be done by people. Now customers can find you when it suits them and discover what your business offers…all without you lifting a finger!

Share Information

With a quality website, customers can easily and conveniently track down all the information they need to confidently make a decision. In terms of sharing information about your business, there’s nothing more effective than a website.

Save Time

Your website is the most effective way of getting information to your customers. Since most of your phone traffic will come from your website traffic, you won’t need to spend as much time explaining what you offer to your target market – they will come to you as informed leads.

Present A Professional Image

Half the battle is crafting a professional brand image that gives people confidence in your product or service. A beautifully built website is the same as showing up to an interview looking spick and span – it creates the right image, increasing your chances of success.

Your website will be designed to convert your visitors into customers.

We implement SEO strategies in the website build, however you also need to drive traffic to your website. You can do this through advertising, word of mouth or continuous SEO. Learn more about SEO and the important role it plays in increasing website traffic and Google rankings.

Helping you deliver a better customer experience.

Firstly, we sit down with you for a free website strategy consultation.

We learn all about you, your customers and your business goals.

Once we have a firm grasp of what you want to achieve from your website, we provide a detailed plan and quote, so you know exactly what to expect from your website design.

As soon as you approve the website plan, we go to work, building you a mobile responsive website that will function as your 24-hour, 365 days per week online marketing lead generator!
Every website is unique, because every business is different, and your clients are unique too! We craft the unique aesthetics of your brand and the needs of your customers to create a powerful user experience that turns casual browsers into committed followers.

Step 1: We conduct deep research

Our team will start generating insight into what your website must deliver by conducting in-depth research into your niche. This involves finding the keywords your customers use to search for your business and other SEO strategies that will drive promising leads to your site. This stage takes time because we know how important it is to leave no stone unturned; the information we gather will form the foundation of your website’s performance, so we wouldn’t dream of giving it anything less than our best effort.

Step 2: We create your masterpiece

Once armed with extensive knowledge of your business, we proceed with the creative process. Our websites are designed to be functional, user-friendly, and easily navigated so customers are compelled to move through the entire buyer’s journey. This includes making the website mobile-friendly since most people do searches on their smart devices. We guarantee a smooth digital experience that will keep your customers hooked from the moment they land on the site.

Step 3: We optimize your site

With the website framework in place, we’ll get your site ready so that search engines push it to the top of the SERP page. We do this by populating your website with relevant keywords, quality content, and engaging imagery that convinces your target audience you’re the solution to their problems. This is the most effective way of growing your bottom line and building authority in the market.

Step 4: You give us your thumbs-up

Now it’s your turn to tell us whether your new site ticks all the boxes. If you’re unhappy with even the slightest detail, we’ll fix it (pronto!) so you can be confident in the quality of the final product. In short, we want you to walk away 100% satisfied with our work, and we’ll keep adjusting until this is the case.

Step 5: We provide ongoing support

With the site in your hands, you’ll likely need consistent support to maintain excellence. We will provide tutorials, ongoing Website Management, and SEO packages to match your budget – a sure-fire way of growing your digital footprint as your business develops.

Got an old website that needs a redesign?